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Famous Visual Art Artists Through Time May 13, 2016

Famous Visual Art Artists Through Time

Knowing a lot about art is nice, but it is usually just as helpful to learn about the artists themselves. This is the list of the most influential artists that the world has ever seen. Now, a short list like this can’t possibly contain everything that someone needs to know, or every artist that has had a big influence on the world of art. However, this list is a really good starting point for anyone that wants to get a good idea of how much of an impact someone has had on the world of art in general. Here we go: The most famous and influential visual artists of all time!

Paul Cezanne

The impressionist painter Paul Cezanne was so influential that he is now called the “Father of Modern Art.” That’s pretty serious stuff for any artist to be the “father” of any genre. But why was he so influential, do you ask? Cezanne was fascinated with breaking down the objects that he painted into the simplest forms that he could. He wanted to portray objects as the human eye sees them; he didn’t want to add fancy forms to them. He just wanted to make them look simple and cater to basic perception. Picasso was a student of Cezanne’s forms, and often imitated his style. He learned from the best!

Marcel Duchamp

Ok, this guy may not fall very well under the “famous” part, but he certainly is influential and has influenced artists that you’ve certainly heard of. Duchamp did not create much artwork himself, but the art that he created was very impressive for the time. He was the first real practitioner of “surrealist” art, influencing everyone from Salvador Dali to Max Ernst. His art was dream-based and psychologically influenced. His art made people take a closer look at what they considered to be “art,” and made people think more carefully about what being an artist meant.

Vincent Van Gogh

Now, back to people that you’ve definitely heard of! Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most influential artists in the entire history of art. Vincent Van Gogh was one of the best practitioners of Impressionism. Van Gogh did not become an artist until very late in his career, but he painted more than 800 paintings over the course of his career after he really got started. Van Gogh had a better understanding of colors and how they related to one another than almost any artist since his time. He has continued to inspire artists today, both impressionistic and realistic.

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How Art Influences Human Society May 12, 2016

How Art Influences Human Society

Art has the power to get into people’s minds like almost nothing else can. Plato’s Republic talks about how certain types of music should be censored because they have such a negative effect on people; Plato believe that music was powerful enough to cause people to hurt each other. Does art have the same power to hurt or harm people? What effect does art have on society at large?

Art can do good and bad things to people. Ultimately what people do is up to them; people can choose to do good or bad things. However, art has a way of changing what we see as good and bad. Art can do this in many forms; Dante’s book The Divine Comedy subtly showed people that even the pope wasn’t perfect. Dante wrote this in an age where the pope was THE authority of the land. His art led people to think for themselves and not take everything that the church said for granted. Oddly enough, the Reformation happened less than 200 years later, where people widely began to buck the authority of the Catholic church and worship outside of the accepted church. Art changes people slowly, but it does affect how people think in some ways.

To go back to an example of the church again, art was one of the best ways of communicating the Bible to people that didn’t know how to read. When Christian art was at its height in the Middle Ages, more and more people identified as Christian because it was such a pervasive part of society.

Art is also good at giving a voice to people that are not socially seen as equals to other people. A lot of art by African-Americans in the US is designed to give call-backs to their roots as African people. This type of art is made to protest unequal treatment today and throughout history by European and American people. Creating this form of art create a rallying point that shows how proud they are of their culture. Art of this type has a way of stirring sympathies in people who would not normally be affected by a fancy argument. In the same way that a good led light bar illuminates the darkness, art enlightens souls. Art allows you to make points that are easier to show, as opposed to telling.

The way that art affects society is hard to accurately measure. On the one hand, almost everyone has been emotionally affected by art that they have seen or music they have heard. However, for reasons that we don’t understand, humans are much more easily moved by something that they see than they are by something that they are told to do. At the root of it all, we are just emotional creatures. Logic has its place, but it is much better to show than it is to tell. You can give a lecture if you want; but if you want your point to stick make it into art!

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